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Wind and solar farms provide stable long-term income and in the case of wind farming, most of the land can continue being used for agricultural purposes. Wind and solar farms are an excellent way to utilise land that is less suitable for cropping and grazing.

ACE Power is committed to working alongside local communities throughout the life of each project from consultation and development, through to construction and operations. The development of renewable energy assets in regional areas can also stimulate growth in local economies through the creation of jobs and increased opportunities for local businesses such as fencing, concreting and vegetation management, as well as motels, petrol stations and food outlets.

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What makes a good site for a renewable energy project?

ACE Power is committed to finding the best sites for renewable energy development. Building renewable energy infrastructure in favourable locations helps to ensure positive outcomes for landowners, local communities and the electricity network.

A good site for a renewable energy project will generally have the following characteristics:

  • Nearby to existing high voltage power lines. This ensures the project can easily connect to the electricity network to power homes and industry.
  • Generally, within a Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) , however, sites outside of designated REZs are also of interest.
  • On generally cleared land, and on land with lower ecological value to minimise the impact on the natural environment.
  • On large landholdings. This minimises potential impacts for neighbours, and generally, renewable projects on large landholdings are perceived to be more consistent with the landscape.
  • Wind farms work best on hilly, windy terrain. In particular, we want to build on the highest elevation land in the region to capture the strongest and cleanest wind.
  • Solar farms work best on large flat plains, particularly with a northerly aspect.
  • Land that is less suitable for agricultural production can make good sites for solar farms. For example, land constrained by salinity, acidity, access to water etc. While grazing can continue beneath solar panels, we typically don’t want to use the best agricultural land for solar farms.
  • Battery projects work best adjacent to existing high voltage substations.

If you have a site that matches most of the above characteristics, or you think could be suitable for renewable energy development, contact ACE Power to discuss potential opportunities!

Development Cycle of a Wind Farm

Developing a wind farm can take 3-5 years from the initial prospecting phase and site selection, through financing and construction to the final stage of grid connection before beginning to generate electricity. A wind farm can operate for up to 30-35 years, providing a reliable power source for thousands of homes and businesses.